On Premise IVR / Call Center

Our IVR product provides many features for any organization looking to automate call self-services or establish a call center.

  • VoIP based IVR and support Analog, SS7 and ISDN PRI through gateways.
  • Rapid Application Development (RAD) Tool.
  • Easy embedded web Interface for administration.
  • Play Voice in single and multiple modes.
  • Record voice with end conditions for recording.
  • Get DTMF digits in two modes, single and Multiple characters.
  • Ability to transfer to a live agent.
  • Integration of existing web services.
  • Send E-mail with/without Attachments.
  • Read, Write and Append in files.
  • Choosing IVR speaking language.
  • Call external Java Application with arguments support.
  • SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE and Stored procedures call in Oracle, Mysql, SQL server and PostgreSQL databases.
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